Home Of The Brave

Somewhere In The Sand

"Home of the Brave implies the American military. Somewhere in the Sand implies the desert conditions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, but also the mental state that the returning service members occupy periodically or perpetually once they return home.” These twenty-two works of fiction tell those stories and allow the reader to experience war, and peace (if it can be found) after war, from both perspectives. Stories by David Abrams, Zoey Byrd, Caleb S. Cage, Jon Chopan, Paul Crenshaw, Tracy Crow, James R. Duncan, Roland Goity, Kevin C. Jones, Brooke King, Jack King, Fred Leebron, Court Merrigan, Joseph Mills, Thomas Vincent Nowaczyk, Kathleen M. Rodgers, Max Ruback, Brian Seemann, Paul Stroebel, Daniel Taylor, Jim Walke, Robert Wallace.

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