DD-214 Writers’ Workshop

Established in 2007 by Jeffery Hess, The DD-214 Writers’ Workshop contains classroom lectures and critiques in a friendly environment of encouraged participation with a student to faculty ratio not to exceed six to one. Every workshop is free of charge and suitable for beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers.


The DD-214 Writers’ Workshop seeks to provide instruction, encouragement and assessment to military veterans, and their dependents, who wish to write.


Each workshop will address the craft of writing across experience levels and across genres of fiction writing, non-fiction writing, and poetry as submissions dictate.
The workshop participants are given instruction in how to write and/or how to improve their writing. Along with this instruction comes constructive feedback from the workshop leader as well as the participants who share thoughts and knowledge with each other in a casual roundtable format.


  • Participants are not required to write about their military experiences.
  • All subject matter is up to the participant.
  • The goal of each participant is learning the craft and improving their writing.
  • Prospective participants must also be able and willing to meet weekly, read and prepare constructive feedback on other participants’ work, and prepare submissions to the group on a rotating basis.
  • The DD-214 Writers’ Workshop meets on Wednesday evenings. Participant’s submissions (up to 20 pages of prose or 10 pages of poetry) are due to the group the preceding Saturday via email.
  • Duration of each workshop not to exceed two hours (though discussion of shorter works may end sooner).


The low student to faculty ratio often results in full-enrollment necessitating a waiting list for the next opening.
To apply for the workshop waiting list, prospective participants can email the following materials:

  • Proof of military service or dependent status (such as a copy of a DD-214)
  • Signed letter of commitment (as a means of accountability)
  • Up to 10 pages of typed prose or five pages of poetry printed, double-spaced on white paper in Times New Roman (or equivalent) 12-point font.
  • Duration of each workshop not to exceed two hours (though shorter works may end sooner)