Praise for Cold War Canoe Club

“Smart, poignant, often slyly funny, these are stories that will both take your breath away and take you places you've never been before. A true and honest salute to much more than those who serve in the Navy, rich with history real and imagined.” – Fred Leebron, author of Welcome to Christiania and Out West

"From backrooms to backyards in America, to exotic locales across the globe and all the waters in between, the stories in Jeffery Hess’s collection take the reader on a striking journey following both the steps and the mind of Navy seamen. Spanning a breadth from 1949 to the present day and set against a background of events as monumental as the fall of the Berlin Wall and as grubby and gritty as knife fights and robberies, Cold War Canoe Club presents an eclectic array of situations and stories all tied together by Hess’s hard-edged prose style and deeply-developed characters. In the smart, snappy tradition of Elmore Leonard and James Lee Burke, Hess is a writer who pulls no punches and delivers authenticity in rapid-fire doses. With both Beachhead and now Cold War Canoe Club, Hess has established himself as an author to keep your eye on.” -- Steph Post, author of Lightwood and A Tree Born Crooked

"Hess is one of those rare talents who tells a great story with compelling characters, pacing and action. Always a hell of a read!" -- Terrence McCauley, Author of Sympathy for the Devil and The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood

"Eerily timely and rendered with gritty realism, Cold War Canoe Club beckons us to recall a time when actions and attitudes appeared motivated by an entire world perpetually hovering along the brink of utter destruction. Each tightly woven gem of a short story represents a microcosm of the Cold War macrocosm, and dares to expose Hess as either a genius for his artful juxtaposition of humanity's brash boldness with humanity's amnesic naivete, or as someone who has spent lifetimes studying human behavior. Either way, this collection scores a win!" -- Tracy Crow, author of Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine, On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story, and editor of Red, White, & True: Stories from Veterans and Families, WWII to Present

"In Cold War Canoe Club, Jeffery Hess combines a flair for gripping storytelling with a powerful lyrical sensibility to produce that rarest of birds: a book full of page-turners that read like literary fiction. Like Tim O'Brien and Kevin Powers, Hess writes with absolute authority about the military men whose lives he sees with utter clarity and intimacy. You will not soon forget these stories." -- Pinckney Benedict, author of Town Smokes, The Wrecking Yard, and Miracle Boy

Praise for Beachhead

"A great read." - Richard Lange, author of Angel Baby and This Wicked World
"A thriller with a well-developed protagonist and flashes of virtuosity." - Kirkus 

"Jeffery Hess's Beachhead hearkens back to the work of brilliant twentieth century crime writers like John D.McDonald, and his Scotland Ross is a Travis McGee for this millennium:gratifyingly unvarnished, physically tough, and just naive enough to involve himself in the troubles of other people. An admirable debut."   -- Pinckney Benedict, author of Dogs of God, Miracle Boy, and The Wrecking Yard
"Satisfying,smart, startlingly funny, and always entertaining, Jeff Hess's wonderful debut novel is squarely in the tradition of the best of Robert Stone and Elmore Leonard. You will love the hero in this, but the villains are also tantalizingly human and engagingly complex. And the prose is, first to last,riveting and artful." - Fred Leebron, author of Welcome to Christiania and Out West
"Jeffery Hess's BEACHHEAD comes to ground as Navy prison parolee, Scotland Ross, puts his life on hold, and his path to an honest life, to lend help his sister and her struggling family, only to find the hand of help may be more disastrous than no help at all. Hess moors together a compelling story of land grabbing, political aspiration, government graft, and adulterous jealousy that will leave you reeling its wake." - Ron Earl Phillips, editor of Shotgun Honey and One Eye Press 
"Jeffrey Hess's BEACHHEAD sets a relentless pace with a brutal story of Scotland Ross, dealt a bad hand and determined to go all in. Whether the crimes are of passion, politics, or violence, every minute of this Florida thriller gleams with conflict and character." - Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball